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Your username is the name by which you are (will be) known on Wikisage. With some restrictions, you can choose it yourself.

Criteria for a good name

Attention: by law, it is not allowed to impersonate someone else. Therefore, do not choose the name of a real person, unless you are that person.

In general, a username should not cause confusion or be offensive. This is judged on a case-by-case basis. A guideline is, that it is never allowed to choose:

  • a name equal to a wiki or Wikisage term (such as User or Template);
  • a name shorter than 3 characters or longer than 30;
  • a name that is not well readable (prounounceable is not necessary);
  • a name that contains special characters that are used by the software (e.g., a name cannot begin with an exclamation mark).

Pseudonym or real name?

Each user is free to choose a pseudonym or their real name. Using your real name has the consequence that everyone can know what you do on Wikisage. That has advantages as well as disadvantages, and everybody is allowed to make their own assesment.

Changing a username

A username can be changed on request. Requests can be filed on the appropriate request page, or if you wish by email.